Change my mind.

I preferred games where I had the ability to slowly kill my enemies. Started off the game where my team gave up 5 deaths? Thats okay, let me bleed the enemy to death via superior macro. Sure you might be stronger than my team as a whole, but I don't have to beat you in the 5 v 5. I just have to make sure that I don't lose the 5 v 5. While you lose the 0 v 0. This season does not promote that style of game play what so ever. The biggest culprit of this is the minion's movespeed change. The minion movespeed change makes it so that games are forcibly ended faster. It also makes slow shoving much less effective as a strategy. This season is truly a micro oriented season, where you don't have to truly have a brain to climb. I can still make diamond 3 easily. Because people are just stupid and hyper focused on killing my team mates that they let me take 3 towers in one shove. This statement actually proves that if the meta were to change so many people would lose rank super fast. I'm not saying that 60 minute games are great. But 35-40 minute games are better than 15-20 minute games. List of things that need to change before this bullshit meta is gone. 1: Death timers, need to be lowered. They are extremely punishing, and are also jungle favored. (The jungle gets rewarded the most because of death timers. / Punished the most) 2: Minion movespeed scaled back down. 3: Tower Plating removed. 4: Rune fine tuning. A: Triumph from 12% to 4%. B: Coup De Grace 8% to 6%. C: Aftershock 70 + 50% > 0 + 125%, duration 2.5 > 3. D: Conqueror (rework) > Auto attacks grant 1-8 ad (based on level), upon hitting max stacks (8), heal for 4% of your basic auto attack damage. Doubled to 8% if crit. E: Press the attack. All Sources > Your damage. F: Lethal Tempo. 1.5s after > 0s after. Duration 3s > 2.75s. G: Predator. Now cancels when blinking/dashing. Cooldown 150-100 > 100-75. H: Electrocute. 25-20s > 40-30s. I: Ultimate hunter. Removed. J: Arcane Comet. Travel time now corresponds to distance from enemy champion. No longer has the same travel time/ similar travel time when next to or far away. Now will occur instantly if next to, and take up to 2s (at 1,500+ units away). K: Phase Rush. 15s > 25s. L: Grasp of the Undying. Melee only, (only procs on melee form. Jayce, Gnar, GP) damage 4% > 3%, healing 2%>3%. M: Glacial Augment. Ranged Slow 30%-40% > 15%-20%. Ability Changed. Auto Attacking an enemy champion with a stronger slow applied to them now increases the stronger slow duration by 60%. N: Future's Market. Changed. Locks 5 item slots from 0-8 minutes, 4 from 8-14 minutes. 3 from 14-19. 2 from 19-23. 1 from 23-28. 0 from 28+. Grants you an additional 250 gold at the beginning of the match + 10*(n/3) per minute [n is number of minutes] (example 1:00 = 3.33, 2:00=6.66, 3:00 = 10, 4:00= 13.33, 5:00 = 16.66. At 5 minutes the rune has given you 300 gold. at 30 minutes = 1799.9 gold gained.) O: Gathering Storm. 8/5 > 7/4. Respective from there.
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