I have noticed that every '2' division has terrible matchmaking

Bronze 2, Silver 2, Gold 2, Plat 2, Diamond 2 Speaking from experience in gold2 and plat 2 and anecdotally from the others, I have noticed a trend in the matchmaking of these ranks. Games here seem horribly one sided and express vastly disproportionate skill levels. Games display an obvious winner within the first few minutes. It seems like the match is decided in the lobby. This is my experience: In season 6 I was placed in Gold 5 - I shot to Gold 2 in a matter of days skipping Gold 4 - I was stuck in Gold 2 for about 3 months, thinking I sucked and this was where I belonged - If I was ever demoted I climbed back to Gold 2 in a handful of games - Without any changes to my game I left G2 after a series of lucky wins - When my mmr reached Gold 1 games became 'harder' but were more equal and consistent - I climbed up to Platinum 2 with a 56% win rate - On the second last day of the season I reached Platinum 1 - I won about 7 of 10 games, and ended the season on 94lp. Now in Season 7 I have been placed in Platinum 2 and am experiencing the same thing that happened to me 1 year ago. Games are incredibly unbalanced and are decided very quickly. When I am demoted to Platinum 3 I climb back to Platinum 2 in a handful of games. Has anyone else experienced this same phenomenon? ------- Edit: It is now the 4th time I have been demoted to Platinum 3. The one thing I really want people to understand is that this is not a matter of coincidence. I am not complaining about losing a handful of games or an experience I had one week that felt unfair. **This has been a continual occurrence for me over the past 2 years without fail**.
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