Let Me Explain Why Boycotting Dynamic Queue Won't Work

A lot of posts I see say things like, "Let's simultaneously stop playing Dynamic Q!" or, "Let's not buy RP!" thinking it's a good idea and a good way to get back at Riot, but honestly Riot, and the ranked playerbase, could not care less. Let me explain why. There are appx 1.5 million ranked players, splitting up into 17.31% Bronze players, 37.67% Silver players, 27.42% Gold players, 13.18% Platinum players, 4.29% Diamond players, 0.11% Master players, and 0.01% Challenger players. Now, although there is no accurate answer on how many ranked players there currently are on NA, we can assume based on the fact that there are only 200 players in Challenger and that's 0.01% of the playerbase that there are appx 2,100,000 ranked players. Now, let's split this into percentages. 17.31% of the playerbase is 363,510. 37.67%, 791,070. 27.42%, 575,820. Why do I only show Bronze, Silver, and Gold? Because most of the people that post these boycott threads are Bronze, Silver, or Gold. So let's do more math. Although this is a poor estimate of the total amount of views one of these posts gets on average, it is the only estimate we have. So, we have two boycott threads on the front page right now, one with 4.4k views and one with 1.3k. This gives us an average of 2,850 views per boycott thread. Now, among these viewers **per** boycott thread, several of them are going to be repeat viewers because they're drawn to the subject. This means that, for each thread posted on the same subject, the less the message is going out to more people. Also among these viewers, not everybody is actually going to follow through with this. As well, some people will start but want to go back to not boycotting and give up. These statistics show how the scenarios lower the amount of people that are actually going to follow through with your plans of boycotting. But no, let's assume that 4.4k people actually decide to boycott ranked. Split among a 2.1 mil playerbase, there's still 2,095,600 players not boycotting ranked. Good job, you sure slowed down the queue times by a whole 2 seconds!! But no, boycotting RP gets even worse. There are appx 13 million active NA players. Not everybody is going to buy RP of course, but for the sake of our statistics lets say everybody buys a $10 RP card per month. Riot gains $130,000,000.00. So now 4,400 people stop buying RP all of a sudden. Well, Riot's still gaining $129,956,000.00. *Oh no, whatever shall they do?* They're still gaining millions of dollars whether you boycott RP or not. Although I didn't go in detail explaining what each of this means, I'm hoping you, the reader, has enough deductive reasoning to figure that out by yourself with the context clues and such. Point is, boycotting Dynamic Q or RP does absolutely nothing to hurt Riot or the ranked community. Dynamic queue times will stay about the same, and Riot still gains a shit ton of money. So please, stop wasting time making these posts. It's honestly completely pointless.
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