Riot broke the cardinal rule of game design

**Don't tell players how to have fun.** Mark Rosewater (lead designer of Magic the Gathering) said it best, recently: > **Make the players do something they inherently want to do, not something you, the game designer, force them to do.** >As a game designer, you have a lot of power because you can encourage your players to do whatever the game wants them to do. Players will win even at the cost of doing something they don't enjoy. The problem is that the players have an even greater power than yours—they can stop playing your game. If you don't make the game enjoyable for them, they'll move on to a game that does. Odyssey taught me that with game design comes great power, but also great responsibility. (Who knew I had so much in common with Spider-Man?) (source: Imagine if Hasbro sent out mass emails warning people of the dangers of playing Monopoly with house rules. Imagine if FIFA actively discouraged using soccer balls for anything but soccer. This is what you're doing right now, Riot. You're telling people that you know better, and that they need to stop playing Solo Queue and play Dynamic. Quite simply, you don't get to do that. They don't have to play your game. It's free. They'll leave. They have been leaving. Support, even if just as a "legacy queue", solo queue (and Dominion, for that matter). Put a disclaimer on it saying you're no longer balancing for it, if you must, but don't tell people they can't do it anymore.

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