Ivern, Shaco or Nidalee

I mainly play support or mid and I am looking for a champion to fit my tastes in the jungle role, for when I am bored with support or mid. As of now, I want to choose a champion to save up to, I don't have enough ip for any of them, and it will probably take me a very long time if I want to buy all three of them. So guys, who do you think I should choose, **not based too much on viability**, but of course a champion being strong is always a plus. I think I might enjoy Ivern because of his enchanter playstyle which I am very accustomed to due to playing support often, but I fear he might get boring because of his boring early game. I think I might enjoy Shaco because of his stealth and boxes. Both these features, with good box placement give him a global presence. The mind games are also very interesting and fun, tilting people is a bonus. I'm kinda worried about how hard he falls off and how he plays when behind. I really like Nidalee's kit, it's spears and heals are really satisfying for me, because it caters to the enchanter playstyle I like to dabble in, and the mid laner artillery mage playstyle which I also enjoy. The bushwhack gives her some vision and a decent presence across the map. Clearing jungle is also always a fun challenge. The main thing putting me off her, is how reliable she is. How does one gank if they miss a spear? Additionally, her teamfight presence is also very dependent on hitting spears. Often, when the enemy is hit by a spear, unless it was concealed by terrain for a part of its journey, I feel like they walked into the spear for it to hit because of how slow it is, with its hitbox being mediocre.
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