Tank stats are still worthless.

Short and simple. The game has way too much of a few things Armor pen Mr pen %pen in general And max hp damage. Tank stats are suppose to counter damage. So to give tank stats counterplay you made these. But these are taking over everything. I mean. Why go for an item like blood thirster when you can get Bork, and do endless amounts more. Why go for a crit build, then you can get a much cheaper pen build and still do way more damage. I get it. Tank stats need counterplay. But when I have 700 armor and it can be shredded down to 70 by any champion with % pen in its build, we have a problem. And true damage just needs to be overall reduced to fringe cases like it used to be. What is the counter to a fiora who deals 108% max hp true damage over 4.5 seconds? What are you suppose to build against that? Can’t cleanse her ult. Can’t build hp. Can’t build armor. That leaves you with 1 option. Build damage and try to nuke her out faster than she can you. Long story short. Damage is so high and makes tank stats so irrelevant that it’s only counter is more damage. And that’s a load of crap.
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