As laners... from your Jungler...

Could you guys please look at your mini map more and see when I'm close and when I'm at another lane? Could you please respond the ping spam of "omw" pings signalling very clearly that I'm about to gank for you with a return "omw" or "danger" ping showing if you plan to help or are asking me not to right now? Could you please understand that kills aren't always the goal and that sometimes I just want the enemy summoners down so your lane is easier? Could you please understand when and how to retreat? Could you please understand how to play under tower? Could you please try to freeze lane better? Could you please not constantly be so pushed up next to the enemy tower and still rage at me for not ganking? Could you please understand that if you're drowning in lane, your jungler is not a life guard, and that saving you risks your chances for a comeback? Could you please help secure objectives like Dragon, Rift Herald more readily? Could you please let me know if enemy ults or other abilities that help them escape ganks, are on cool down or not? Could you, if an adc, stop blaming your support for your mistakes and then turning on me when I try to get you to calm down? Could mid please roam with me more? Could you please learn stand back and use your wards if you're getting camped? More to follow I'm sure, but these simple courtesies will go a long long way in helping us all get along and win. Thank you.

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