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Now, don’t get me wrong, I personally do not think CertainlyT champs are broken or OP. Not many people even hate him, they just find his champs to be ANNOYING, mind you, not super strong, just ANNOYING. I personally like his designs. The problem I have (or most people probably do) with said champions isn’t in their strengths, it’s in that:- They are completely unfun to play against and have a frustrating mechanic on some/every part of their kit. Their success is heavily dependent on the skill of the person playing them, not the skill of the person playing against them. Now, the first is self-explanatory. The second is where people are divided, with mains saying X champ has a high skill ceiling. But, what they don’t seem to acknowledge is that, due to the high skill ceiling, the possibilities of counterplay have been shrunk down considerably. Yes, they have weaknesses, but they are so generic that they can be applied to almost every other champion who plays that role. So, there is basically no tradeoff (specific weakness ) for their specific power. This is why people will always complain about {{champion:157}} /{{champion:142}} . Though it feels awesome to get a clutch windwall, it feels bad for the guy who wasted his ult cooldown for an ability that costs no mana, and only has a 20 second cooldown. While his ideas/concepts are good and different, his track record is against him. Yes, he worked on the {{champion:19}} rework, which I think was just purely amazing, and he designed {{champion:412}} , who might have an overloaded kit, but is decent, requires skill, and is a great champion by design, thematically and visually. Personally I think the reason his champs aren’t easy to balance are:- They all have a high skill ceiling ({{champion:157}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:429}} ), but to make sure people want to invest enough time in them, the champs are given some broken ability or other (windwall, spellthief, passive hop). Now, you probably might have noticed a pattern here - The abilities don’t deal any dmg bcos of this, the damage has to be redistributed to other abilities, so that the champ doesn’t feel underwhelming (all are carries). But, instead of trading dmg for said mechanic, the champ is gven an insane amt. of dmg frontloaded onto one ability ({{champion:142}} Q, {{champion:429}} E). In this regard {{champion:157}} is comparatively ~~better ~~ worse(he does absurd dmg on all fronts). Now, unique mechanics and new ideas are welcome in league, but they shouldn’t come at the cost of fun, should they? Thus, I’d like to make a few suggestions **(things in () need not be taken seriously)** – Keep {{champion:142}} ’s W, but make it so that she doesn’t get summoners or items that deal dmg, and she gets It only from champions For example, she has flash and ignite. This should mean her W cannot give her a cast of the same ignite, but give her flash. (And give it a cooldown of like 65 sec or something). And, keep the drops alternate. For example, if she got a summoner on her first use, then the next drop should give her an item only, and vice versa.( also decrease the dmg from E-Q combo) {{champion:157}} is a champion whose counterplay is based on window of opportunity (whirlwind, windwall, flow shield). Thus, give his W an increased cooldown (like 50s or something, but it refunds 50% of the cooldown if it blocks an ultimate ability). Also remove the escalating dmg on E (he gets unlimited mobility from it, why the dmg too). And when he casts his ult, he should be behind his target, regardless of whether he is in tower range or not. Note that all these changes are targeted at dmg, not on the ability itself. This is basically killing 2 birds with one stone – The champ gets to keep his/her uniqueness. It puts a stop to the hyper dmg meta. P.S. - i honestly cudnt think of any changes to {{champion:429}}. any suggestions from {{champion:429}} players? would you like to keep her hop mechanic and structure the rest of her kit around it or would you just rather remove it and add something new to her passive?? discussions are welcomed. Edit :- For yasuo, his W can stay as it is, but then his ult should grant the bonus armor pen for 5 sec only, not 15, and only against targets who were knocked up by yas. this wud be better for him (shorter window of strength in teamfights, more skill = more reward). if he still is on the strong side, consider giving flow cost to 3rd Q(10%) and W(50%). Edit 2:- Sry for the late edit. I just realized, i couldn't balance {{champion:142}} 's W, no matter what change i made, bcos W was a utility spell on a burst mage, that was RNG based. i realized that even though i removed the RNG element from that part of her kit, to an extent, it wouldn't be enough. so, i thought, why not make W a 2 part ability. for example, her W has 2 halves, one for dealing dmg and the other is the present W(with the proposed changes). she can cast one half before the ability goes on cooldown. i cudnt brainstorm any ideas for the dmg half, so suggestions are welcome. a few conditions though- the spell should be single target only( doesn't feel overwhelming in teamfights) the spell should have considerably short range( so she chooses to cast W or Q during trades) my idea is to shift some of the high power from E-Q combo to this W so that she deals the same amt of dmg, just its not frontloaded onto one or two abilities. so, pls suggest some ideas. again, sry for the late edit.
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