This game has to have the most Trash poop match making of all the games.

Beyond a joke how this match making is made and pathetic how the Riot team who work on this game is a heaping pile of dumpster not to even care for one second to actually improve the match making. I'm toxic I won't lie I'm proud of it you want to know why? How does Rito think anyone should keep their cool if they have rank matches where their laners aren't even ranked yet while your platinum? How do you expect me to keep my cool when I have a Zed top/ Udyr top that trolls the game? Or my favorite when I'm tank THEY ALL BITCH TO ME FOR A GANK when they already died rather then wait for a simple gank like a smart person would do? Riot says it's the players fault for being toxic but have they ever considered maybe their match making system is pure SH!T that places unrank players with rank or people who get elo boosted by their duo place in a match with a person who actually climb to his rank alone? Maybe it's your fault Riot because you don't do anything at all for improving rank system/match making/ trolls.
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