A Clear and Calm Opinion on This ARURF.

I want to express my own opinion on this latest installation of (AR)URF. Short version: I am extremely disappointed and feel very let down with this snowdown version of ARURF. I played 5 games and after realizing there are ONLY a select group of champs I realized how boring the game mode has instantly become. I hardly even feel like playing League anymore because I feel like I've been given the biggest middle finger from Riot. Long version (here we go): I want to be as civil and logical as possible here, so i'll start, as I have seen others do, with a pro/con list. PRO- I actually really enjoy the snowballs. It's somewhat like a more skillful version of tp that allows quick map plays and movements. It feels fresh and interesting. Plus we still get flash, and on a low CD, it's almost all you need. In previous URF games the typical sums are flash and tp, so I feel like this is an ok compromise. I think the snow day skins are fun (for a bit) and I think it was really nice of Riot to let us have them, temporarily, for free. The whole holiday theme is pretty. I have no issues with all the URF buffs, yes many champs are horrendous OP, but that's the whole idea of URF. It's chaotic and unbalance and fun. Unlike a few posts i've seen, i dont have a huge issue with AR-URF. I think its the best way (barring a ban phase) to put everyone on a more even ground with champ select. CONS (dun dun duuuun)- Obviously I am totally not cool with having such a limited champ pool. This version of URF wasn't even implemented to remove OP champs, but rather to limit playable champs based on their ARTWORK. How crazy is that? This gamemode, this wonderfully chaotic and fresh gamemode, just got regulated based off champ aspects that have nothing to do with gameplay. We have been left with a ghostly shell of what URF, the most requested mode, originally was. I GET the notion to try new things and experiment. I'm totally down with that. But when the experiment is done on a gamemode that we get twice, maybe three times a year, it can make all the anticipation and build up feel like a huge slap in the face, and personally has almost made me want to give up on League for a very long time. I say all this not to shit on Riot. I have been playing since season 3, so needless to say I think what Riot has done has been mostly great and fun. But one reason I and my wife have been playing for so long is because of things like URF and other fun and new updates that drive the game away from monotonous repetition. To my fellow players who made it this far: PLEASE don't stop voicing your opinion to Riot. Let them know what WE (the people who give them a good amount of their profit) want. Hopefully you voice a calm and articulated opinion, but nonetheless be heard! If change is what we want, then damnit, tell them, tell Riot that we want change! ALL OF US want this game to be fun! That's why we're all here. Speak up my friends, and of course gl hf!
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