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Can somebody tell me, how do I actually win with trolls, feeders, afkers and people playing full ap soraka mid and stuff ? I have been playing league for 5 years now, and I kind of spent last 2 years with Lee Sin, thinking I can carry myself if I will mechanically master a champion. I can´t. Now I think i cannot improve because i get tilted every time. The thing that tilts me is that I see all my laners doing literally, LITERALLY the same mistakes every single game. Not putting wards, and if they put them, they don´t even look at the minimap. Not pinging ss, which causes our team dying and enemies getting gold and drake/tower/nashor. And if my team plays average, I can carry them most of the time. But I feel like if I dont carry myslef, I just lose every game. I see pretty much no way of getting at least to gold 5.. Help me please..
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