Another helpful PSA from your old uncle Barkley. (Farming champions is not "Carrying") this is a match history from a recent game. I'm on my alternate account as the Jhin. I 100% promise you either this Kha'zix or this Varus are thinking to themselves "My team sucked, I played well, but my team was too heavy." Its a super common mentality to have. Here's the real reason they lost... Kha'zix and Varus had ALL of the team's gold. Lulu, alistar, and nasus had virtually nothing. Kha'zix and Varus spent the whole game farming champions and never pushed towers afterward. We SHOULD have lost this game. However, my team had their gold spread out across every member. We all contributed in fights, it wasn't the "Kha'zix and Varus show." Everyone played their part, and had the income to do so. This happened for a few reasons: - Once I got fed, I stopped trying to take kills and started trying to set up my ekko and nocturne to get them instead. - Once our nocturne got fed, he did the same, passing at least 2 kills that I saw with my own two eyes onto Ekko and Xerath. - Our karma was just plain better than their lulu. - Our nocturne started one-shotting either varus or Kha every fight - whichever he could get to. The enemy team had 2 points of failure, where we had 5. If we killed the Varus or the Khazix, the threat of the enemy team was SUBSTANTIALLY lowered. If Khazix or Varus had done their due diligence to get their team fed, we almost certainly would have lost because their nasus was HUUUUUUUGE by the end of the game. Like 700 stacks or something ridiculous. Could have probably single handedly plowed through our whole base if he had the tank items and damage items to do so, and the team to back him up. But instead, they kept picking us all over the map. Varus and kha. Just constantly killing one or two of our team mates, which effectively stalled the game out to 56:08, but once they killed us.... they'd do NOTHING. That's all they cared about, was killing us. Meanwhile, my team was posturing for objectives and pressuring the map. It ended up being a knockdown, drag out brawl, and in the end we actually got 4-0'd in a team fight, and the enemy pushed to win.... .....but left a lone Khazix to defend their exposed nexus, and myself - the fed Jhin - alive. So I walked in, showed Kha'zix the business, and 6-shot their nexus for the win while the enemy team tried fruitlessly to plow down mid lane toward my base and win the game. Never even tried to recall. Completely oblivious. TL;DR - When you get fed, do something with the money other than try to kill more champions. Push a tower. Get a dragon. Get baron. Put vision down. DO SOMETHING with your money. Otherwise it doesn't matter if you're 30-0, you're not "carrying," as you might think. You're just starving your team of gold and creating a single point of failure for your team.

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