I remember getting flamed and reported for this... Can't be a pioneer in Bronze I guess

"Heimerdinger isn't a support" - I get flamed - People AFK - I get reported and lose honor - I ask people to please just focus on their game instead of mine I get reported https://champion.gg/statistics/#?order=descend&sortBy=general.winPercent Heimerdinger Support is #2 Champion right now by Winrate. I honestly feel robbed.. I literally lost Honor because of this on an Alt account, then got tilted so bad I started becoming as toxic as the people flaming me. I'm not justifying my actions.. but I just want to be like BOOM! Stop flaming me. Like come on now. I had my Dragontrainer skin on that acct and I flamed into a perma ban because I wanted to be a Heim support main and I couldn't keep my cool against the flames. I LOVE Heimerdinger Support. Greate zoning kit, with turrets placed defensively and strategically Heimerdinger can fend off ganks very easily. Great poke with his W and good CC with his E. Level 6 he has huge contest on dragon and quick solo push on enemy recall. This seems like retrospect common sense because the data is right there in our face now. But considering I legitimately was flamed every game by at least 1 person, then at least 20% of people owe me an apology. And regifting my Heimer skin to this account would be cool xD
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