Akali the Rogue Assassin

I would love to get some buffs on Akali. I've been playing League of Legends since early 2014 and I've always loved the assassin class. Now I've been playing ADCs' only cause assassins are nowadays so weak. ADC can literally carry 1vs9 but good assassin can't. The only problem is that the game needs to end before 20 mins to win 1vs9. Akali's damage is so low nowadays that it's really not useful in any fight also the life steal removal killed her. Same goes for Zed, Kata, Kalista, Azir & Twisted Fate. Also don't rework Vayne. It will literally kill the player base. Tank meta is just ruining the fun for all of us. No one loves to get one shotted by AP Malphite with just few kills and not able to kill him 5vs1. Just add some new tweaks to Akali's R / E and everything will be fine. Also the W needs to be changed back so it can dodge tower shots cause all the other champs with similar abilities can too so why shouldn't she? Also Kata's E is annoying ... Give us the ward jumps back alright-o?
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