An assassin does not have to one shot in order to be effective

**TL;DR Assassins don't have to be only about burst damage, it's just as important to get better uptime on assassinations, mobility, utility and CC. {{champion:555}} fills these criterias and is also the only assassin in the game that isn't bound by feast or famine, which is arguably a much healthier playstyle for both sides.** Everyone knows that assassins excel at taking out priority target, and have the capability of ending someone's life before they even know it themselves, but honestly this isn't truly the only role an assassin has. I've played assassins for as long as I can remember, and I have played them in more games than just League. For the most part their role remain a constant in most games, but in LoL it's different. Assassins in LoL serve as the game's feast or famine roster. There are only 2 realities for assassins like {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:35}}, they either have the burst damage to instantly delete someone, or they don't have it and they're worthless to a team. In other games assassins serve as mobile distruptors with high burst damage and high uptime. An example could be the rogue of World of Warcraft, they can move around the map quickly, have high uptime on targets at all times, deals high burst damage and is packed with a ton of stuns, silences, interrupts, obscurity and blind. They basically control the flow of battle by always being able to hit their targets and forcing the enemy's actions with CC. In LoL the only champions who are considered assassins with CC are {{champion:28}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:35}}, and you can try to ask yourself how effective they are in practical. For the reasons listed above and what I am about to go into, the reality is that the best assassin ever designed in LoL is {{champion:555}}. His kit is perfect and he's the only assassin in the game that breaks the feast or famine playstyle. No matter how far behind Pyke is, he will always be relevant to a team. He can always contribute to his team by providing/clearing vision due to his easy escape mechanics, pick off enemies with his hook and provide hard CC. Pyke can actively provide utility to a team when he is not strong enough to provide enough burst damage. Even then, he is still better at being a kill assassin than almost every other assassin in the game. Now I there are some of you that will say: _**What you say is dumb because Pyke needs to be like 15/0 before he can one shot someone!**_ And although I agree, burst damage is not the only thing that's important to an assassin. Ask yourself this, who is the better kill assassin between {{champion:555}} and {{champion:107}}? Most people will answer Rengar, as he possibly has the highest burst damage out of all assassins in the game. But truthfully, Pyke is better because Pyke has almost permanent uptime. Once Rengar has made his burst, he's as finished when you're done with your girl on a saturday night. Pyke on the other hand, is ready to go again straight after making the first kill. Uptime is important. Assassins for the future needs to be more like Pyke, they should focus more on higher uptime, mobility, utility and vision control rather than only being the jack of burst.
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