League has become Overwatch

Prove me wrong... you die in 1-2 hits regardless of what class you are. All the action is fast paced. Where is the game for an older generation of PC gamers. Where is the strategy to League anymore? Games have got gradually and gradually dumbed down as time has gone on... I mean Fornite is the most played game in the world now. Says something about the attention span of this generation, doesn't it. Can we have BOTH elements of League, the slower, more methodical gameplay and the faster paced elements of this season? I had hoped with Nexus Blitz, they would turn SR back into the slow paced war of attrition it was in Season 1 and 2 but it seems they have no plans to do that. It just seems the League turned their game into Overwatch just to compete with Blizzard and its just not working. When you radically change the direction of your game, you piss off your loyal fanbase and this has happened with so much recently, but Star Wars is a classic example. When you change a loved product, you get backlash and League is having that now.
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