Honestly, the playerbase trys to enforce a meta more then riot does.

Disagree? Play something "off meta." Watch your teammates reactions. I play Pyke with Glacial augmentation ranked. Get stupid amounts tilt for it. Im sitting at over 60% win rate but nah my top decides he hates Pyke support for not being a "real support" So he does stuff like Teleport into enemy tower under 3 champions and instantly dies. Uses his ulti to get into fights solo. dies. Entire game flames and rages about my pick and that I deserve to lose. This trend is for pretty much anything you wanna run if its not standard champions or stuff not seen in pro play and streams. Don't get me wrong, the biweekly patches have a huge impact on what is or is not viable, but the players are the ones who choose to dick you over for not going standard picks or builds.
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