I feel like the general champion power has gone up way too high

...and it excuses the player to misuse the tools they work with. I feel like you don't need to be as careful as you were before. For instance, compare any old champion to their former S4-ish self. Vayne got buffed, Jinx got VERY buffed, (old) Nunu and Singed got completely new mechanics added to their kits. **Why?** So old champions can compete with modern ones. Look at Kai'Sa. If Lucian was considered a generalist adc in the past, Kai'Sa is universal. She's literally a Corki Kog'maw Vayne with a shield and a huge-range attack. Pyie is legitimately a bettrr Blitzcrank, with more damage, huge AoE nukes, mobility and sustain, while not being too squishy. **How?** A combination of systematic overhauls (items, runes, class updates) and individual buffs which were given so the weak champions could match the strong. The worst part is that he next patch will include 12+ buffs, with no meta champ nerfs (cough Graves), so things don't seem to change anytime soon. Enough buff the weak, it's time for some nerf the strong.
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