{{champion:134}} Syndra was created just for my specific play style - Intense, Calculated, and Unforgiving. She is my main on SR and my favorite in ARAM where I have learned so many of her strengths and weaknesses and that of her opponents. {{item:3089}} Syndra's immense power is not from the damage ratios of her skills, the stat buff of her passive, or the nuke potential of her ultimate. Her power instead comes from the skill cap of her kits interactivity with spheres. They can be placed, scattered, forced back into position, projected at opponents all at once, and then scattered again. Imagine playing an ARAM with zero (0) deaths, no item buys (except game start), and still winning while being active and aggressive. The enemy team in end game chat is baffled - "How?? she didn't die?? no items, yet we still lost??? needs a nerf!!" In the right hands she is immensely powerful, in the wrong hands, she is fodder for the enemy team "GG." Buffs make her too much for pro play and nerf's make her unplayable altogether. Where her kit fails her in that regard is her passive Transcendence. The interactivity with spheres is lost! Instead we get a boring flat stat buff when a skill is at max rank. Her passive's only success stems from E Scatter the Weak. It increases her spell width to interact with spheres for that powerful full team stun across their spread out team. However, it too fails as it is not noticeably different against a single opponent. Riot was onto to something when they altered Force of Will's interactivity with spheres. They had the right idea but the wrong implementation. At the time it allowed three spheres to be manipulated at once. It made here feel powerful, but powerful all the time, which required a nerf to where she wasn't powerful at all. Great attempt Riot! So close :) However, this destroyed her skill cap and left little sense of counter play. Again, the right type of idea but the wrong implementation. {{item:3128}} Overall balance to her kit should not come from stat buffs - No, it should come from interactivity with her spheres. We need to raise her skill cap by making her have immensely powerful moments but also increase counter play against her when not empowered. It all starts with her passive. She could learn a thing or two from Annie, Victor, and the fresh rework of Kayle. Combining the three puts Syndra back on the path towards Transcendence. {{champion:1}} Annie's spell casts are visibly tracked, and when she gets a power spike through her stun, everyone knows it is up and available because of the indicator. {{champion:112}} Victor can upgrade his abilities to where they feel empowered and rewarding with new interactions. {{champion:10}} Kayle receives bonuses through her stacking attack bonuses until she transcends to an all powerful being. So how does Syndra compare to these three? {{champion:134}} number of spheres placed can be visibly tracked on the ground (sort of) and add power to her ultimate. {{champion:134}} abilities are stat enhanced when max ability level is reached through her passive. {{champion:134}} . . . Wait! - Her passive doesn't interact with number of sphere's, instead her passive provides stat buff's which are hard to distinguish from item power spikes. . . huh, what happened to the train of thought on her kit with her passive? {{item:2055}} The solution is so SIMPLE!! Syndra now has a sphere indicator. Just like Annie's indicator tracks number of spells cast, Syndra's indicator tracks the number of active spheres on the ground. The indicator allows for proper counter play. Syndra abilities when at max level are granted additional permanent sphere interactivity just like Victor upgrades his abilities for additional interactivity. The new interaction makes max levels feel powerful again. Syndra now has a stacking effect to each ability based on the number of active spheres. At max stacks all abilities are empowered. *Note, ability damage would be appropriately adjusted to accommodate new stacking effect. Below is for the sake of example and could easily be modified to accommodate other aspects of each ability. Range, Duration, Area, etc. could all be candidates for the stacking effect. The effect needs to be visually meaningful and allow for counter play.* {{item:2011}} Q Stacks - increased duration of active spheres by number of stacks (indicator tracks spheres for counter play) Q Max Level - sphere duration is permanently increased (rewarding for power spike) Q Empowered - additional damage to champions W Stacks - increase spell damage area per stack (low stacks means small hitbox for counter play) W Max Level - permanent increase to spell damage area (rewarding power spike) W Empowered - additional true damage E Stacks - additional enemy and sphere knockback range per stack (shorter knockback at low stacks allows counter play and long range at max stacks allows rewarding play) E Max Level - permanent increase to spell width and range E Empowered - additional enemy and sphere knockback range R Stacks - additional sphere damage per sphere (ult takes longer to complete for counter play) R Max Level - permanent decrease to cast time (rewarding feel to ultimate) R Empowered - Increases sphere cap (and stack cap) for additional damage (when you really need that kill) {{item:3680}} I would love to experience that calculated intensity again and the reward for success! Just adding an indicator would help new players, while adding interactions would retain her high skill cap. All in all, Syndra needs to awake from her sleep and Transcend! {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
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