@Meddler Jhin Buffs PBE

Hi Meddler if you see this post you do not have to respond but please take into consideration what i think of Jhins current state and where he should be, Short story: Jhin peaked my curiosity since his teasers and fell in love with his kit and character, before him i would only play arams and normals just for the fun of the game but playing the champ made me feel competitive as i was getting better at him so i went into ranked and have been playing him ever since. In my opinion Jhin struggles a lot mid game when other adc hit the IE/Zeal item power spike and the buffs to the ultimate is not the way to go dmg wise and utility wise the Curtain Call is perfect you have to carefully calculate when to open it by positioning and the rest of the enemy team health bar and position, of course has other uses just to slow down fleeing enemies to help out your team. What he needs is something to do better in lane against the lifesteal adc with fleet footwork and another thing would be to emphasize his control freak side and planing into his work basically means a little work on his trap E and his interaction with W i am suggesting Fourchanges Change: 1)Q: if the bouncing grande kills all target give heal Jhin for a certain amount 2)Q give him movement speed from his passive if it hits 2 or more champs 3)E and W : at max range of W the mines can explode faster even if you do not snare the enemy 4) Give him longer snare at max range when enemies step in traps and adding a bit of base dmg to early levels of E . {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}}
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