Riot, are you going to just continue to ignore damage creep?

Riot, damage creep needs to be talked about! Damage creep has, in my opinion killed almost all strategy in this game.. The game has basically turned into everyone running around one shotting each other, you don’t even need to be fed to do it like you used to. Even supports and tanks can chunk you for a huge portion of your hp bar throughout most of the game. Riot talked about addressing it, then nerfed electrocute a small bit and said they would address it further in preseason, but instead they completely forgot about it/ignored it. They added some resistance but it barely does anything. On the flip side, they added even more damage by enabling people to opt into + 20 adaptive force regardless of which tree they took, and then there’s dark harvest. Which upped damage even further. Riot, please consider completely abandoning the whole “do more damage for doing damage” concept, you shouldn’t be rewarded with “more dmg” cause you did damage, that is absurd. Consider getting rid of damage from runes, add utility or other effects. Instead of “get free dmg” for everything you do, even warding in the enemy jg can give you more damage, wtf!?
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