How are people playing vs Zed?

How are people playing vs Zed? with a single serrated dirk and one rotation he reduces me to below half HP ... rushing zhonyas doesnt work because the armour is negated through lethaility and the statis efefct isnt needed if one roation of W E Q chunks so hard... i cant play poke because if i even go to try and poke im hit with that rotation of spells and im forced to play safe incase im greeted with an ult before his W is back off CD to do another rotation... I used to play lissandra vs him and win when they used to rush botrk but now he just simply outfamages too hard to even stand a chance..... denying his ult feels like the least of my worries its the damage before teh ult that gets me... so how are people playing vs him? I dont mean champion choice either in case theyre second pick or a ban him
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