when somone new see kayn ..

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmdkmPsmEnA he think oh shit he can transform and he look cool as shit , then he know that u can only play him in the jgl and get depressed srsly tough stop making champs that are only viable in one role , kayne would be a cool uniqe champ that could be played mid and top and allow u to play two champs in one , now he feels awful despit the effort put into him , he looks good , his gameplay is good yet only viable in the jgl it's the same for vi another coolish champ that define leauge of legends yet only viable in the jgl right now u rarely even remmember that a champ like kayn exist since he isnt viable in other lanes can we make lane kayne viable again ,and i mean viable not a semi troll pick

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