Zed nerfs in patch 9.8?

Patch 9.8 Notes
Passive damage increased. Q cooldown decreased. Amumu now follows enemies hit by Q if they move while he's mid-flight. The sad boi has some room for buffs so we're helping him. While these buffs won't feel too different between skill levels, we expect them to be felt a bit more in higher ranked games.
So Zed got nerfed in Patch 9.8. {{champion:238}} I'm going to explain why this nerf makes no sense. > > _**Note**-I know just about everyone hates being killed by Zed, but try to keep an open mind about him._ So before Zed's buff in 9.4 Riot made an official statement saying he's weak via Riot Blaustoise's chat with LL Stylish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFHctj8awpQ Following this the dev team adjusted Zed which overall buffed him. They changed his Q damage from 80/115/150/185/220(+0.9 bonus AD) to 90/125/160/195/230(+1 bonus AD). They lowered his w coolodown from 22/20/18/16/14 to 20/18.5/16/15.5/14. They increased the recast range from 1300 to 1950. They increased his attack speed growth from 2.1% per level to 3.3% per level. As compensation they gave him a hefty nerf by removing his AD reaping mechanic on his R. What this means is that Zed loses around 9 AD levels 6-10, 20 AD levels 11-15 and 40-100+ AD levels 16+ (100 AD and higher from champions like Rengar and Jhin). After these changes Zed was considered fairly strong (49.8% win rate pre-buff to 50.5% win rate post-buff). After a couple of patches passed and Zed players figured out how to utilize these buffs optimally, the win rate increased to 51.3% at his peak. **_Then 9.8 happened..._** Zed's Q went from 90/125/160/195/230 damage to 80/115/150/185/220 (Early game buff revert). His W cooldown was reverted as well, 20/18.5/16/15.5/14 to 22/20/18/16/14. What does this mean for Zed? Zed is now as he was in Patch 9.3 and before (Admittedly weak by Riot Games) with anywhere from 40-100+ less AD per game but as compensation he got a _whopping_ 1.2% attack speed, .1 bonus AD ratio on his Q and extra recast range on his W. This might seem like his Q still has more damage than it did in 9.3 but with the missing bonus AD from R, he _still_ loses damage. For example if Zed had 250 Bonus AD with a 0.9 bonus AD ratio (3 item Patch 9.3 Zed), his Q does 230+250 times 0.9 (455) damage. If he had 190 Bonus AD with a 1.0 bonus AD ratio (Patch 9.8 Zed), his Q does 230+190 (420) damage. That's 35 less damage per Q (max 105) which also means his R does anywhere from 19.25 (35 times 0.55) to 57.75 (105 times 0.55) less damage [Death Mark damage ratio]. So Zed does _less_ damage than from when Riot admitted he was weak. This doesn't make any sense to me. On top of the problems with his damage, the nerfs came right when tank meta is coming back. A meta that is **terrible** for Zed. I suspect Zed's winrate will continue to plummet (currently 49.2%). This also exacerbates Zed's other issues but those are for another time. Hopefully this post convinced you that the Zed nerfs in 9.8 were unsolicited and unnecessary. Cheers! -LimeLight
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