Things I hate as a Mid laner

1. The pressure: Playing as a mid laner is hard It has to be something like second jungler that has to keep an eye on his lane too, like there are many scenarios where a few mistakes can cost you the game like losing the first tower normally If a Top or Bot tower is lost the enemy gains advantage over your jungler’s camps Krugs or Gromp and half of Red/Blue, If the first mid tower is open the enemy gains advantage over Raptors Blue/Red, Wolves and on top of that makes easier to put a lot more pressure to Bot and Top, when Top and Bot lose the pressure puts on the Mid laner because I wonder If the enemy Bot will roam from there to Top or the opposite. 2. Following and SS Okay I am in Gold division and I happen to see a lot of people that start shittalking you because you didn’t gave SS or in the worst situation you gave but he didn’t see... Following a roam, not every mid laner is a good roamer so It is normal for Aurelion Sol to roam Bot constantly but you can’t wait your for example Ziggs to roam more and better. 3. ARAM As a mid laner I hate when I play something that scales good mid/late but needs first to farm, everyone starts fightning and at the end your lane becomes the war field, you cannot farm or you even lose towers because of that.
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