Is Shaco the perfect idea of what an assassin should be?

_Please remain open minded. I'd much rather have a comments destroying me than silly downvotes. Thanks! _ - Fragile - Strong, but difficult to master - Little to no utility (*cough* {{champion:245}} *cough*) - Tricky to play against but easily shut down - Relies on skirmishing - Shut down by tanks/bruisers - **Shuts down** squishies Shockingly, I feel like if more assassins were similar to Shaco, they'd be less problematic. This is also applies to Leblanc {{champion:7}}, although she is sometimes frustrating to deal with, she's quite useless -- similar to Shaco -- when unfed or played incorrectly. And let's be honest, you'd much rather be against a Shaco than a Zed or Ekko this season. In all, an assassin should feel like a major threat but also major dead weight for the enemy team if played badly. The difference between assassins like Shaco/LB & Zed/Ekko is that one group can get shut down for the entire game while the latter doesn't, and always has a chance of snowballing over 1-2 kills.
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