@Meddler, on the Topic of buffing ADC

in my opinion ADC have unlike before, a great diversity. Before everyone used to be trash except 2 or 3 picks, right now except {{champion:67}} the class is consistent (somehow). *his thread is about giving an opinion on what changes should happen.* **Nerfs that should happen:** {{champion:67}} needs to not be a better assassin than assassins, while being an adc **Champions that should remain untouched:** {{champion:222}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:42}} All have a similar level of power that should be the reference **Champions that should have a small buff (extremelly small): ** {{champion:22}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:236}} **Champions that should be reworked:** {{champion:429}} **Champions that should be buffed heavily:** {{champion:96}} {{champion:18}} ~~Corki~~ **champions that are no longer marksmen:** {{champion:110}} {{champion:104}}
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