Malzahar thing because my computer broke and I am off work for 3 boring days.

I have nothing to do till my new rig gets here so might as well. AH MALZAHAR! BUDDY! My favorite champion in the game for 3 seasons before the rework. I LOVE Malzahar. Had I not taken a break from S5-MYMU he would likely have more mastery points than Shyvana. As he has about one third of my total LoL games played on him. Sadly, he was problematic. I am NOT in denial. Malz was a bad design, people only didn't know it because he was what we called a 'sleeper'. People didn't play him so they didn't know how unfun Malzahar was to fight. So I was excited when Riot was going to renew him. It is actually why I returned to LoL. Boy was I disappointed... And yes, I gave him a try, 20K additional mastery points(onto what I already had in S5 before my break) of a try. He is awful now. And Meddler, you know I love you. You gave me the Shyvana of my dreams, I think you do try to make the game better, but holy fuck please have somebody on the design team re-rework this champion. And in fact, I will tell you what I think you should do. #My Ideal Malzahar Rework That Is Actually Fair For His Enemies I Think. **Passive:** When Malzahar casts a spell he gains a stack, on his fourth stack a Voidling will be birthed forth into the world. Voidlings are birthed near the final spell cast(restoring the skill of blocking skill shots with Voidlings but making that use up a spell and requiring stacks now). Voidlings will be tankier than the current ones, deal physical damage like the old ones, scale with AP and AD like the old ones, and will have very low base damage to be reliant on scalings so he isn't good support. They last longer like the old ones, enrage like the old ones. Voidlings will attack targets afflicted with Malefic Visions and Nether Grasp. I found this old passive to take far more skill in resource management to get optimal damage out of. I'd also prefer Voidlings not taking up a spell slot. So boom. Essentially, just revert his passive. **Q: Call of the Void** I would increase the impact delay on this spell closer to the original, we will help Malzahar out with this later in his kit. Otherwise it should remain mostly the same. Decent base damage, GREAT scalings, silences, skillshot. I would aim for 80/110/140/170/200+80%AP to compensate lowered damage on his ult and ramping damage on his Visions. This spell has no major issues. Done. Now we get to the stuff that makes Malzahar Toxic. **W: Null Zone** In this new version of Null Zone. Malzahar will form a Voidic Sphere, after .75 seconds the sphere will collapse the world around it into a howling, screaming, dark, Null Zone. The collapse will slow enemies caught in it by 10/15/20/25/30% for 1.5 seconds and deal 3/4/5/6/7%(+1% per 50 AP) of the target's maximum HP as magic damage. Null Zone will persist for 4 seconds dealing 1%(+.25% per 50AP) current HP as magic damage per second(On half second tick rate). Null Zone will have a delay, this allows it to be dodge before the initial damage similar to Cho'Gath's Q. The damage scaling is intentionally high to encourage building AP instead of relying on base damage. 7% max HP vs a squishy or tank doesn't mean much on a medium Cooldown spell. But with a fairly standard 600AP pure mage build this ability could deal 12% max HP damage on the scaling alone, plus an additional 4% current per second after that. The initial damage and slow gives Malzahar some reliable medium burst and sticking power. Which will be needed for the next spell. The DoT is current HP to prevent the spell from hard countering tanks too much. Also since the spell does magic damage, unlike Fiora or Vayne, it can be properly countered by resistances. **E: Malefic Visions** Dark visions of the void and it's terrors close in on Malzahar's enemy. Over the next three seconds the target will receive magic damage equal to 50/70/90/110/130+60%AP(+1%AP per half second tick) of Malzahar's AP. Spell ticks, Basic Attacks and Voidling attacks refresh 1 second of the duration, with his Q refreshing the entire 3 seconds. Basic attacks and Voidling attacks vs afflicted targets restore 1/2/3/4/5 mana, 5X vs champions. When Malefic Visions' target dies, it will jump to a nearby enemy losing it's bonus damage stacks. Probably the second most problematic spell in his kit after his ult. My *hope* with this design is that it will start with mediocre damage if you just drop it and leave it, forcing you to stick on the enemy. Also since the damage amp is lost when it jumps you cannot drop it on a front minion, kill the entire wave then have it jump on the enemy for massive damage. To get full damage you must interact with the enemy directly. Same for the mana restoring, which is very minimal vs minions but increased on champions. Again it has cruddy base damage and if you keep it up long enough incredible scaling. Note that only the scaling increases and not the base damage. **R: Nether Grasp** Malzahar will throw a Voidic pulse down a long and narrow cone to acquire a target. If it strikes an enemy champion Malzahar will spew the void upon them for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds, suppressing them as they take 150/200/250+80/90/100%AP as magic damage over it's duration. Ult damage is down from old Malzahar. His damage during his ult will come from his other spells and the refreshing of Malefic Visions. It still has high scaling but not as high as original Malz, and the base damage is way down so he can be a mid laner and not a support. Ult can now be dodged, or body blocked by tanks, making it far more fair. Since the sheer damage it deals is down it is nearly worthless if he lands nothing else, no more Flash R to win. The duration of the suppression has been switched to scale with level, so it isn't so overly devastating with it's kill power early game, allowing him to have more power budgeted into other parts of his kit. But still ramps up to be useful in late game team fights and skirmishes. #ALL NUMBERS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Numbers are just guestimates based on old Malz with some tuning. I leave it to Rito and the community to decide exactly what number tuning should look like. When judging this design I would prefer if people focused on just that, the design. The numbers are only there to give the idea that I would prefer a high scaling, low base damage setup. #Summary Malzahar would go from extremely binary to having 3 skill shots, skill shot blocking Voidlings, his E will require interaction to get it's comparable old damage, he gains a slow to compensate the numbers of skill shots he now has. He loses the toxic Banshees Veil passive that makes non-interactive champion even more non-interactive. He would have high scalings and low base damage meaning building pure AP on him is ideal over support. He will retain tank busting DPS mage power without it being overbearing especially early in a fight. He will be able to 100-0 squishies but only with time and effort. He cannot just wall off in lane and never interact due to the reduction in his mana return unless attacking enemy champions. Since his ult skillshot starts at point blank range he will still be good vs assassins, but not overbearingly point and click to 100-0. His numbers shown here may be off, again, I am not the best with number tuning. Thank you for reading. With the best intentions - Mira Arya Enthe.
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