There was nothing wrong with the last Runes + mastery system

So, there's something that's been increasingly difficult to understand with the new runes vs the old. According to Riot, the ONLY reason this was even changed, was to encourage "creativity" okay? Where exactly did the old runes and masteries NOT encourage that? It was nothing BUT creative and more importantly, you were in CONTROL of a much larger system. It was centered around letting you buy each individual rune and set points you could set in the mastery tree. Now, in Riot's eyes somehow it's more efficient, to just mush it up like a bunch of mash potatoes, and make it convenient for the simple minds. Ironically, this reminds me a ton of what happens to Diablo 3. To reinforce what I mean, they also skewerd the old system where you could allocate points into a skill tree system, and turned it into some casual style bullshit system. Ironically losing fans. Ironic right? Take a look at the example below of the old runes. How does any of this look like it needed more "freedom" ? Allocating points into specific trees, allowed the player to feel more informed of what they could accomplish. Not to mention the skill tree had actually LESS absurdity to the base damage of things like Thunder lords vs Electrocute now. Now you have this fisher price garbage quality system, which actually is resulting in more problems in the balance department than anything the last system had. Oh and the freedom is bare none. So how did we exactly evolve?
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