Yup the matchmaking system is a coinflip 100%

Its come to a point where when I'm in the loading screen. I just have to hope the matchmaking is on my side. Because of the majority of my games. Have come down to the matchmaking. I'm sure im not the only one going through this. But I rarely get even matchups. Very rarely. Theres always someone on the team who will feed whether it be me sometimes or someone else on my team. It's very frustrating. Because I will go on a massive win streak where we will stomp the enemy team. And then I will go on a bigger lose streak where its usually done before 20. And people are ffing at 15. Because the bot lane is 2/16. Before the 20 minute mark. I'm quite upset about this as I feel the matchmaking just isn't even. I don't know if its an end of season thing. Or if riots matchmaking system is just really bad. I hope things are fixed for next season. Because It's really hard to climb.
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