Can anyone give tips to silver player?

Hi, iv'e been playing league for probably 3 years and I main support. I have been struggling a lot playing ranked and normals for some reason. I have been a silver player the past 2 years and I cannot get better or rank up and I have no idea why. I tried out most to all of the different supports, I watch countless of youtube videos on my champ and guides on them hours on end. I have a ton of knowledge in my head but in game I am totally awful and it's kinda pissing me off because with all of the time i spent towards this game, ive been silver 3-4 within a 3 years span. Play around 5 hours a day on weekdays and more on weekends. I mostly play nami, braum, soraka and blitzcrank. I die averagely 8-10 times a game which im kinda clueless on too because i die most of the time alone vs in teamfights. Could anyone give me some tips or play some games with me to see what im doing wrong? Im trying to improve but whatever I try I get no results and its pathetic. Thanks guys
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