It's utterly sad to see new champions not being played how Riot intended them to

> {{champion:555}} **Original:** An assassin support that specializes in landing chains of CC to a single-target and shares gold kills with teammates. **Now: **Gets played as top & mid, lane sustain heavily abused by his W. > {{champion:518}} **Original:** A trickster who utilizes her passive to disguise as her allies in order to deceive her opponents, and then surprise-lands her snares & follows up with her Q which can freely deal damage 3 times to burst her opponents. **Now:** Builds AD items and at the same time abuses the empowered-AAs from her W, never touches her Q button & disguise is utterly useless 99% of the time (_remember when everyone expects her to be a jungler thanks to her disguise passive...?_) These are just two of the rare cases, sure. Now **imagine this case with the new Mordekaiser rework coming**. Judging from how this damn community & pro-plays gonna work their shit out, depending on Morde's stats, they'll just build full tank Morde to abuse the fuck out of his new ult in order to solo out the fed carries 90% of the time. Or another case would be a typical Guinsoo/Wits End Morde build & proceeds to AA anyone he touches, with his immobility compensated by his newly-given CC & the innate Phase Rush on his passive. I'm just half excited for Morde's rework coming, while at the same time, fear at what in the world this community & proplay would think of a way in abusing the fuck out of his kit.
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