Riot needs to Nerf Damage

Threads. Riot please nerf these noob bronzies and silver trashcans from being able to post 50-100 threads a day complaining about the meta. Leave it to people who are Diamond or higher, who actually understand and know how to play the game, please. It is beyond toxic to have to deal with complaining on the game, let alone on a place like forums where rational discussion is supposed to be held. These repetitive complaint threads don't have anything insightful or positive to bring and consistently get up voted to the top pages. If people are going to get the option to complain, they need to have reasoning or some sort of open forum to rational conversation attached. Instead most the time its just this constant: "OMG RIOT DAMGE I QUIT GAME NO FUN ZOE {{champion:142}} BROKE I 1 SHOT AND ITS BAD CERTAINLY T GO TO HELL AND OMG ADC{{champion:67}} OP BUT OMG NOW THIS ADC OP{{champion:29}} AND OMG TANK OP {{champion:516}} GIVE HIM ANOTHER 25 NERFS AND OMG GAME IS BAD RIOT RIOT RIOT RIOT" with every comment under it being "OMG YA DUDE IM GONNA QUIT TOO RIOT I BEEN HERE FOR 100 YEARS AND ITS BAD OK UR RUINING EVERYTHING NERF EVERYHTHING BUT MY CHAMP {{champion:92}} OR I GO TO DOTA{{item:3070}} ." Its not constructive, it's not anything but displaced frustration for lack of skill. Please Riot, please. Your game has improved every year, and has become more and more dynamic. Ignore the haters, keep making fun additions to the game :){{sticker:draven-pose}}
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