If I'm not the one of the 150 LCS players I feel like Riot doesn't give a damn about me

See title. Ever since ardent censer, Zoe, and other cancers that have been coming up recently like the Baron changes I feel like Riot doesn't care about me at all. Literally every mid laner can one shot you, and it's just great that I keep seeing nerfs to Azir and Ryze because they're broken in competitive just so us lower ELO plebeians have to have diamond level mechanics to play them at a silver level. I'd love to play top lane but looks like they're nerfing teleport because it's just too damn strong in the LCS. Way to nerf already the weakest role in the game because I guess teleporting bot and killing their oh so special adc is too much. They're not even trying to hide their bias for ADCs anymore lmao. Kog gets nerfed, buffs next patch. Champs like Viktor get placebo buffs after being garbage for a year. They just release rune changes and new champs to keep us interested for a long enough time so we don't realize they don't actually care about us. This kinda turned into a rant, and I'm sorry for that. My patience for Riot's stupidity is waning. Edit: I'm not saying we should balance the game around low ELO. I think the game should be balanced around better players, but every change lately has been catered towards the LCS. There's a difference between balancing at low ELO and balancing with players who aren't in the LCS.
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