I'm sold on never returning to this game.

This is the state of the game now, if you don't have dozens of friends to queue in groups with, you're not welcomed in this environment. And it's sad. Didn't matter how badly we dominated bottom, once the enemy team hit 6 you'd think we were playing against TSM. Because we didn't have more than one duo on our team we lost. These people weren't even good enough on their own as individuals to upgrade or even switch out their trinkets. Too bad disorganized solos and a single duo queue can't fight back against 4 man's rotating in sync, ganking every lane together, and moving across the map, chaining their abilities as if they were one single hive-mind and saw each other's cooldowns. Was I surprised when they started BM'ing in all chat and knew each other's real names? Of course not. This sucks, but can't say thousands of players didn't see it coming.
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