Of course there's an ELO hell

I was level 30 for over a year before I played my first ranked game. I watched some videos about playing ranked did some research on counter picking and how to win by picking bullies and strong champs. I had low expectations since I started so late in this games lifespan. Usually this is about the time in a franchise's life where you would see a squeal to reinvigorate the base. But this is a free to play game so those that are bored have to get their kicks some way so they troll. I knew this going in. I played my prelims over the course of last week. As expected, there was a troll in 4 of my 10 games. I had 4 vics 2 legit losses and 4 waste of time. My final match had dou quo trolls who said they were going duo Jung. One fed 19 kills and the other just jungled the whole time. I was seeded B1 After that, I have seen picks where regardless of what the other team picks, my team picks whoever they feel like playing. My last game "blessed" me with a Nid Jungle in ranked.... really? She went against lee Sin and he picked first. I guess I could ask "why me" but I guess its everyone. The opposing mid and bot was so fed by the time they came for me top Cait had and IE. I write this only cause its cathartic. I Know others face the same. If you say there is no elo hell tell it to the Morgana supp that starts with Dorans ring, buys G shroud.... sells Shroud to rush Zhonya in a losing lane where she and Graves feed for about 10 kills before 20 minutes
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