jax rework idea

change his passive to "imagine if i had a real weapon" if jax kills X champion he wields said champs weapon for X time until either X or X happens he can also use non unique skills (in other words it has to make sense like he can use jhins whisper if he kills him uses 4 shots at a faster pace he doesnt follow whispers rules or uses its passive and only those 4 shots no reloading it then drops it like a badass (imagine darkness 1 how jackie throws away his handguns to "reload") he cant wield cho gaths weapon due to him not having one in the first place) and can use one of said champs weapon skill q w or e no ult of course that would be op and its unique to a champ (the q w e are situational like caits traps he cant use due to being on her character not on her weapon) q is his leap (who else loves his supersoldier leap) its normal theres no change. w is empowered strikes (yes with a S it adds X attack speed duration X time at the cost of weaker magic damage instead of a burst maintains himself as a duelist type. his e well its pretty complicated in certain aspects you can add more stun time due to more autos blocked basically boost it by a 1 sec stun more max (by blocking aas more). but remove the 25% aoe reduction its better to reduce it to 10% or something. his ult can stay personal opinion his buff when he activates it says "im the champ" fits perfect for him due to him loving 1v1s or battle in general.
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