Ezreal : 41.01% Pick Rate, 52.02% Win Rate.............. Nerfs reverted....AGAIN. - A Mega Thread.

Ezreal : 41.01% Pick Rate, 52.02% Win Rate.............. Nerfs reverted....AGAIN. - A Mega Thread. A TL:DR : Ezreal has been abusing tank and mage items, a keystone that only he can use efficently, and just making life hell for every other character in the game thats not little miss 4 dash shield stun knockup burst ranged 3sheen Riven. He needs nerfs, nerf his items, nerf double tear( don't let them stack), nerf iceborn gauntlet(don't let ranged characters use it... make it melee only) Ezreal has been a complete monster ever since Season 6 and the discovery of "Blue Ezreal." Even before season 6 he was part of the "Holy Trinity" of adcs which was.......Ezreal, Graves ( rip ), and Corki In Season 7 he was in the shadows of most other ADCs because he did not have strong synergy with an item that was INSANELY popular which worked well with pretty much every ADC but him. In Season 8, we had the introduction of a new keystone : Kleptomancy. This Keystone had great syngery with Ezreal's Q allowing him to proc it every 2 seconds from 1500 range. In addition to getting a keystone that him a select few other champions could use to it's full potential, all the other adcs got much weaker, and tanks were also kicked out of the meta. Slowly Ezreal became a monster. On top of the new found favourable meta, weaker opponents, games being shorter, a personal keystone . . . Ezreal received a rework. This Rework was mainly focused on 'modernizing' Ezreal's W and making it more quote unquote 'Reliable.' Well, they achieved their goal.....they made Ezreal's W reliable, too reliable. Need to kill someone? Press W. Out of mana? Press W. Need to get away? Press W. Need to siege? Press W. Inhibs? Press W. Tanks? Press W. Mages? Press W. ADCS? Assassins? Baron Buff? Dragon? Blue Buff? Red Buff? Smash that W Key. Ezreal's new W is a 5 in one, it works pretty much as the old AP Ezreal's W worked.....but on steroids. His new W should only deal 50% damage to structures as it is a single target nuke. Another good solution to this ability would to increase the Bonus AD Ratio on Ezreal's W, lowering the base damage, and lowering the AP Ratio. This will force Ezreal to build actual AD items to get his damage, instead of rushing a tank item, then getting a defensive mage items with mage boots afterwards. ( Manamune -> Iceborn -> Archangels Staff -> M.Pen. Boots ) Ezreal is currently at a 41.01 % Pick Rate, that means if we played 100 league games, Ezreal would be in 41.01 of them while Cait ( a historically strong adc ) would only be in 9.75 of them. Ezreal also has a 52.02% Win Rate, while Cait has a 49.02% Win Rate.......meaning not only is Ezreal going to have pretty much 3.5 times as much games as a Caitlyn would......but hes also going to win MORE THAN HALF of the games that he is in. The rework was a failure.......you concealed pretty much each and every one of his weakness. Pre-Rework Ezreal Good Laning/Good Early -> CRAZY Mid Game -> Crit ADCs Take Over. Cons: Poor Waveclear, Poor Seige compared to Crit, On-Hit and even Lethality ADCS, Gets Outscales/Falls Off, Can't Deal with Tanks, No Facial Hair or Muscles - Also Lacks a Personality. Post-Rework Ezreal Good Laning/Good Early -> EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE Mid Game -> Crit ADC's Take Ov---'NOPE! THAT WAS JUST A WARNING SHOT'----Crit ADCs Get SHIT on. Cons: Poor waveclear, Pros: Strong Siege, High DPS, High Burst, Demolishes Tanks, MUSCULAR ( You seen that Explorer Ezreal ), Bratty Spoiled Rich Kid Dig Bick Personality That Makes You Wish He Would Just Shove His Foot in Your Mouth and do you From the Back. I think the main problem with Ezreal is his W, and his very flexible build paths. Next patch Ezreal's W is getting a well deserved nerf. ( 50% Dmg to Structures. ) But theres a nerf that he deserves that we all know should happen. **N E R F H I S B U I L D P A T H** Ezreal currently can choose to either abuse: Bruiser Items: Trinity Force Tank Items: Iceborn Gauntlet Mage Items: Seraphs Embrace, Magic Pen Boots, Hextect Gunblade and at one point Assassin Items: duskblade, ghostblade, etc. These aren't all of them, but these are the most common. I don't see a reason for him to be able to abuse items from 3-4 different classes. I get the whole "Unique, AD Caster Marksman, who can also be played as a Mage" thing they had in mind when they made him.... But I'm pretty sure they didn't intend for him to just straight up abuse these items. SOLUTIONS: Muramana + Seraphs Embrace = 'Tear of the Goddess no longer stacks.' and I know I'm going to get the "BUT IF YOU DO THIS YOU'RE GONNA KILL DOUBLE TEAR RYZE" Double Tear Ryze is not that popular, it was overhyped for a bit but then instantly ditched because they realized they will get more damage from just an outright raw AP item. Iceborn Gauntlet = MELEE ONLY Pull a Steraks Gage, Pull a Tiamat, Pull a Ravenous/Titanic Hydra, Pull a reverse Runaans Hurricane. This item makes Ezreal HELL to play vs, nonstop slow, so much kite, durability, tankiness, and soft cc, not to mention it HURTS. In addition, change Ezreals W, E, and R to do PHYSICAL DAMAGE instead of MAGIC DAMAGE, you build armor to play vs his Q, but his W, E and R all do magic damage and it's really counter intuative, if not his W, at least his E and R should be physical damage. Some changes to his scaling should be done aswell. More BONUS AD Scalings, less Ability Power scalings. Hybrid champions have been proven to be unbalanceable. ( AP Trist, AP Yi, AP Trynd, old AP Poppy, the goes on ) Thanks for reading my long ass thread!!! Better nerf Ezreal.{{champion:81}}
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