Camille's new skin and a problem with her second q sound

Hey Riot, So I have 1 small issue with the new Camille skin. As you may have noticed, Camille's second Q sound is very important as it plays a big factor in her kit. I find the Q sound for her Coven Camille skin is way too quite. If you compare it to the default and program Camille skin, you'll be able to distinguish the difference. It will be very hard to hear in teamfights when 50 sfx are going all over the place. Please reconsider it, as it's literally the only issue I have with this skin. I can't buy it with that Q in its current state. I do realize nobody seems to disagree with it, but I just can't grasp it being reliable in game. This will impact gameplay a lot, It will be so hard to hear, it just isn't loud enough. Make it sound STRONGER something more EMPHASIZING! So yes, I just wish it was a lot stronger, I cannot buy this skin without assurance that I can hear it well in game. I've played plenty of matches with Camille (both this acc and my smurfs) and I can tell you right now that it will be very hard to hear out of the laning phase.

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