I highly doubt there's a legitimate solo player that enjoys playing with/against 4man dynamics.

So if you're going to shove dynamic que down our throats & fuck over Solo players by scrapping the SoloQ ladder atleast remove 4man dynamics to remove some of the pain of soloQing. There are so many issues, & not even a single positive thing about 4man dynamics, even winning doesn't feel satifiying (similar to winning a 5v4) because you've probably contributed nothing to the win while the 4man stomps the enemy team using voice coms. I can't imagine anyone would miss 4mans or could even provide a legitimate argument to keep them, I highly doubt there are many if any legit teams of players who only play 4man dynamic que, but there are ALOT of players who only SoloQ. Here's a list of things 4man dynamics can do if it's removed; split up into two duos play 3 man find a 5th Play normals 4 legit options, now here's a Solo players list of options if they want to avoid 4mans; pray to the gods you don't get paired with/against a 4 man. look up teammates to try figure out if they're a 4man then dodge if they are. Force yourself to change how you enjoy playing the game and find dynamic partners. None of those 3 options should have to be considered for SoloQ players.
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