Tell me Riot what is actually wrong with allowing 5 bans?

Why can't we have 5 bans one ban pick for each person? That literally makes no sense. I feel like you guys have just ignored this idea constantly, and I don't see any exploits in it. So why won't/can't you do this? Edit: I'd like to thank all of you for your inputs. This issue has been brought up multiple times within the League community, and since I've never really seen a Riot post saying why this wouldn't work, and so I wanted the communities opinion on this. That being said, I don't think this idea could work in our current circumstances, it seem possible at first, but there would have to be too many changes to make the system work, and I'm pretty sure that's why it's stayed as is, but I still feel this idea could possibly have it's chances to work in the future. Extra Edit: It's not really going to work for the fact that you can ban out the entire god tier top lane, but if more champions were god tier it would prevent this from happening, and that's the point I was trying to make with champ diversity, and having more champions in god tier makes the game a bit more diverse, but since only 3 or 4 champions are extremely good top they can easily be banned out. Again thank you all!
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