Objectives should deal more damage

When I think about objectives, I think about game changers and strategic choice. I also think about the risk involved in taking them. Right now though these three things barely apply to them anymore after a certain point. Not only do they die so fast ( the boards already mentioned this a lot, but my point is about objective dmg) but also do they so little damage that there isn't enough risk involved when killing them. You just don't have to be afraid of the enemy team as much as you used to because either you clear the objective too fast or it does so little damage that it offers almost no advantage to the enemy team to let the objective wither you down a bit. There is just so little fucking strategy involved in this. This is especially true for dragons. While objectives don't start too bad and feel (with some exceptions) like a team effort in the beginning, they lose a lot of their strength very quickly. This is why I would like to see an overall damage increase. With an increased risk to objectives, teams who are behind can make better use of bad objective calls by the enemy team instead of them just snowballing even harder. Dammit, I just want objectives to feel daunting and threatening again. Not something you just do while casually strolling by. Ps. I was thinking of calling this thread “we need more damage“, but I quickly discarded the idea out of fear some title warriors would find me in my home and throttle me in my sleep.

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