Why Akali is a completely busted champion

So yes this is a rant and I did just lose a game miserably to a {{champion:84}} player however, during this game I was wondering what the actual counter-play to Akali actually is. Many people will say {{item:3123}} is a counter to Akali. While this might be somewhat effective it does not effect her burst at all. Another part to this is that Akali can shroud herself until Grievous wounds has worn off. Then her next auto attack will heal her massively. You also cant build tanky against her because she has nearly unlimited sustain so she will eventally kill you anyway. You could group, this is probably your best option. However she is still going to one shot your adc and then could potentailly 1v5 your entire team after that. You could backdoor constantly but then you will be picked off by Akali everytime. So what is the actual counterplay to this champion? An Assassin with crazy sustain is a horible idea.
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