@Riot Why is there no counterplay to Camille ult?

Honest question deserving of an answer. Jarvan's ult ha alway been basically a broken mechanic in which you either have flash or you don't. Camille' ult is basically she presses R and you literally cannot do anything. Does no one else have a problem with it? I laned against her, and out traded constantly. She ults. Udyr has enough time to run past ward and come save her. After that I can't even leave turret. How is this a healthy mechanic? Would love a Riot response to explain to me why this is okay? EDIT #2: I never said that she was overall broken or OP. I'm saying the mechanic of her ult take away any counterplay. Not getting ulted is not counterplay. What exactly do you do when she does ult and you want to get away? You literally have no choice. That's it. You're stuck there for 4 seconds and you have to suck it up because she jumped out and pressed R. EDIT: I love the downvotes and not a single person could explain any counterplay to her ult lmfao...
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