Fuck Jungle

Jungle is currently the least liked role. I've often had players filled jungle who would much rather support than play jungle. The experience and gold from camps are terrible, the pressure to do right by the team is constant, and the jungle is a key target for verbal abuse and harassment that often devolves into all chat insults and requests for reports. There's hardly any reason anyone should willingly play the role unless they main it and regularly implement the "/fullmute all" feature at the start of every match. Because, otherwise, the role is absolute hell. Many players wanted jungle to stop cheesing their lanes early on. Riot obliged them. Now lanes, specifically top, are complaining that jungle is never there for them when they need help. Well, guess what. YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS! I hate jungle, I hate what Riot did to jungle, I hate that Riot even bothered listening to player complaints about jungle and adjusted it accordingly just so that players would do a complete 180 and complain about it regardless. Seriously, Riot. Always blame jungle isn't a fucking meme. It's the goddamn truth and the constant state of the game. Stop listening to ADC mains, Support mains, Mid mains, and Top mains (...oh, wait, you never listen to them), and actually learn what it is the jungle mains want out of the jungle and what it is they need. Stop shitting on them simply because all the other players do it! It's so fucking awful anymore to jungle and that's saying something because it wasn't really a wholly enjoyable experience in the beginning anyway. Please, Riot, you're always listening to ADC mains about the game and constantly catering to their whims; it's time for you to stop playing favorites and give another role the attention it deserves and, by extension, the people who play it. Until then, Fuck Jungle.
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