Please don't release Neeko with

**30DEC2018 @0730 FINAL UPDATE: **I'm completely under the impression that a lot of you are unaware of how many D1 and higher YouTube streamers there are with PBE access. Too many people think her full damage is hard to pull off. You can literally go to and search "Neeko" to see how reliable her Q and ult actually are. That is all. Q 480 (+90% ap) magic damage (update: Yes, I know it's a triple proc. For reference, if you've ever been stunned by Viktor's Gravity Field, you're just as likely to get hit by all 3 procs). and R 650 (+130% ap) magic damage Before anybody downvotes this. Please look at the ratios of every burst mage and ap assassin. NONE OF THEM DEAL THIS MUCH DAMAGE! And they're both AoE abilities! Update: She also gets a 110 (+50% ap) shield + 80 base per nearby enemy champion. 2nd Update: "But what do her other abilities do?" Her W active is a controllable version LeBlanc's passive with a movement speed boost for her and her clone, that can be activated as often as Wukong's decoy. Passively, every third auto gives her bonus magic damage and movement speed without having a cooldown between procs. E is an ability with on-par damage that stuns for 1.5-3 seconds, capable (though unlikely) of hitting your entire team. Don't compare her to Zoe, they're nothing alike besides both being colorful and cheery.

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