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[]( **Minute 23** {{champion:11}} Solo Baron. Level 16 (17 after kill). Is that what Riot really wanted? Being able to rush Baron without any difficulties by just right clicking it? Does Riot really want to emphasize the possibilities of the individual so much that Damage stands immediately above skill and outplay? Of course, Skill always has a factor, but loses this value through all this damage (also point and click) Of course, people here claim that you only need CC and blablabla. The truth is that many champions in LoL, currently with a very low skillcap, especially on the lane, achieve a lot. The game is more and more based on snowballing rather than real teamplay. Sure, there are tons of assholes and yes, Riot actually bears a big debt to the current netiquette in online games. Why? Because nothing has been done for too long, everything has been tolerated. Can not change now. Never again, maybe, Never. Nevertheless one would like to advance and above all have fun. Normally winning is fun. Its hardly fun to win in LoL nowadays. Why? Because it is always the same. Stomp, Stomp and Snowballing overall. The question is, does Riot really want to continue on this path? Assassins are said to be cool, so that the kids are happy when they destroy someone solo without great skill. Is also good money in the cash, if something is cool ... For my part, I am angry with Riot for a long time now. Because too many incompetent people make the wrong decision. **Examples ?:** True Damage - True Damage is bad for the game. We reduce that. Now we are bombed with it. Old Nidalee - The oneshot spear is not good for the game, we'll change that. And then Zoe came ... Do you remember the torch in the jungle? Here, Riot wanted to force this torch project over and over again, even though it just did not work. Ultimately, another Jungle principle has come (the current one), but in fact that has become good after 3 attempts to integrate this stupid torch. ** League of Legends itself is a really good game, but it is ruined by incompetent people...** My advice? Go back and tune down all the damage. Teamplay Templay is important and snowball-heavy games are not fun for anyone, except for the one who is snowballing. Are you changing the Assassin concept, not the game concept, so the Assassins will find a better place ?! Skill and Outplay about Damage! Very easy, right? Couple better hitboxes? For example, the LB W skill. Little appropriate. Yes, many kids do not like that, as always, but it makes the game more fair and more exciting again. If a silver player can simply take out a Diamont player because he is fed and the damage is basically the only important component and you can not really dodge it then that's a clear sign that real skill is not going to be decisive anymore. I would change it back again. Yes, I will probably get massive downvotes again. But its my opinion and I am annoyed that Riot ruins a game I play since season 2.
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