A Kayle mains lament

Hello all As the title suggests I am a kayle main, well was The new rework for kayle came out and after nervously waiting to see if my champion was going to be op or ruined I was strangely surprised to find both after playing roughly 10 games with her in Top, mid and ADC I found the experience rather horrible She is so lacklustre and vulnerable early on that nearly anyone can push her off farm or trade into her without fear of an equal trade In nearly all my games I was crushed in lane because she can not contend with the bruisers in top, the mages/assassins in mid or the range of an adc with a support in botlane I had to struggle to farm and to just survive Now this is fine but sadly once I got my late game of lv 11+ it was just to late, gaining range meant nothing because of the snowball meta we are in the game was almost not winable at that point I would like to suggest some ways I believe that could change her into a more viable character However I am not to use all of these but maybe one or two of these option 1: change her lv6 passive to become range and swap the attack speed to lv 11 with the aoe dmg without the range kayle gained from her old E she lacks viable damage early on, she is not healthy enough to contest a bruiser, lacks the burst to trade with an assassin, and lacks any range to deal with a mage/adc the range she would gain would make farming a bit healthier option 2: Change how the Q skills shot works/increase its slow percent Kayle Q becoming a skill shot is something I figured would happen, however it is a bizarre skill shot that functions very strangely and is unreliable as sometimes it goes through minions and sometimes falls short (if someone can shed light on this I would be appreciative) and when it does land it takes her awhile to get into range to take advantage, or if you are using it to kite early on to stop the enemy running you down it feels like it barely slows option 3: Put the slow on her E? Now this one im doubtful would be fitting but your E has longer range and would be a great way to start a trade/skirmish. Additionally I actual enjoy the new E it feels good for an auto attack enhancement so good work there option 4: allow her q to go though multiple targets/ Instant cast instead of a short channel This would be useful if they slow speed is not increased as it would give her some actual valid cc that could be used to kite better or run down enemies option 5: Her ult channel is to long in my opinion 1.5 seconds when it lasts 2 second rank one is a bit annoying as she is a basic attack champion and thats where her damage comes from, so forcing her to channel her ult to deal damage never made sense to me option 6 : Possibly have her passive stacks decay 1 at a time instead of all at once I would suggest either a 0.75 – 1 second channel so she can go back to auto attacking faster, or reduce/remove the damage and have it act as a mass slow so that she can kite enemies better Kayle was my first main and I loved her style of play since I started playing league of legends back in season 5 I love what I see riot trying to do with her in this rework but I feel like they were very cautious about making her straight up busted, and I applauded them for that But in this kayle mains opinion she needs be buffed/tweaked to become viable If anyone out there has success with her please let me know how you managed that If anyone who worked on kayle could explain why you chose to do certain things with her I would love to hear from you, as I tried to predict how you would alter her and was I was somewhat close Thanks for your time ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update New idea if they allowed her E to be used as a way to farm by allowing it to reset on minion kills and refund mana Say 100% mana refund with 50%-100% off the cooldown this would give her the feel of range prior to lv 11 and still keep her melee
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