Daily reminder: Lux sits at 54% win rate and has INSANE ratios

170 damage on passive plus 20%, add range to that and the ability to kill without poking, at least Morgana takes risks. With her team up front, she is unkillable until she fucks up, and my problem is one, lets compare her with other mages "like" her: {{champion:25}}: her Q has a good range and the CC is really HORRIBLE, but at least she has to come close to use her W and ult, her Q is really slow and it can only catch 1 target. {{champion:101}} : he cc's himself to poke, his ratios are good but he doesn't have the burst capacity lux has to land a kill, he has to poke before killing, his ult is easy to dodge and there is a lot of room to dodge it properly, while Lux can land her Q through minions and her ult deals almost the same or more damage than Xerath's ult with almost the same range and in 1 burst. Xerath in the other hand is a lot easier to catch! just wait till he ults and he will be heavily distracted! go kill him, seriusly. {{champion:115}} : his poke is really good, but he has received nerfs even when his pick ratio and win ratio is not that high, he needs to poke before killing and only one of his base abilities can be used to poke and can be easily dodged. He also has to come close to use an AA to proc his passive. unlike Lux which just needs to land an ult for 670 BASE damage plus 95% plus LUDENS 100 + 10% AP, total 770 BASE damage, + 105% AP, PLUS THUNDERLORD, PLUS % DAMAGE MASTERIES!!!... oh yeah, did I mention that she usually doesn't even build Sorcs because her base damage is so massive that she doesn't give a fuck, she will just exploit her ridiculous cooldowns and wave clears
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