Forget player toxicity, you know what's toxic?

...Being forced to autofill a role you never play and having a hard time of it while watching the person in your preferred role go 0/10. I am an adult with my own business and two children under 5. I have very little time to play this game. When Riot came out with the ability to choose between two roles, I was over the moon, because I could finally focus my limited time on 1-2 roles and specialize in them, rather than having to have a stable of champions for every role. Then came autofill. Playing an off-role is now much worse than before, because when I do get stuck with adc/support, I'm rusty as hell because I rarely ever play those positions. The game is frustrating even if we do, by some miracle, manage to win despite me derping around with my thumbs up my ass. I've been autofilled support 3 times tonight. One somebody dodged, once I dodged, and the time I played was as awful as it always is. Riot, instead of needlessly reworking the jungle for the 524th time, maybe try making supports actually fun to play, so people don't have to be forced to. Every time I've had to play adc/bot has been so painful, I've decided I'm just going to dodge if nobody will switch with me. If a lot of people are doing that, how's that going to affect queue times? That would certainly explain why I see so many dodged games. I hate to be part of the problem, but I don't want to waste 20-60 minutes of my precious time playing a role I no longer know. And to all the folks who say, "You should know all the roles," isn't it nice for you that you have time to play the hours and hours that let you cultivate every role. I don't have time for that, especially since role-selection IS A THING THAT EXISTS. Oh, and bring back goddamn item sets. I played Lux support and there was no recommended support page for her (even though she can often go support) and I can't set up my own. I love item sets, they're great, and I'm stuck with the ones I made months ago for champs I don't even play anymore.
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